Traveling With Cats 101




Now we will be the first to tell you how much we originally wanted a dog for traveling. We thought, “There’s no way we could Tavel with a cat… Or is there…” Yes yes yes.

Now ofcourse it helps that from a kitten, we started to take our little adventurer- Sturgill (named after the very talented Sturgill Simpon, check him out) with us in the car. Little trips to Walgreens and Petco proved to be okay for him. What started as a little scared, turned to excitement and happiness for our little friend.

We let “him roam about the cabin” within reason ofcourse (no dashboard and as little contact with the driver as possible). He found little caves between luggage to borrow in and would make a round every half hour to come and sit on my lap in the front. Which for me, made the road trip so much fun and very entertaining.


Tips for Kitty Travel

Litter boxes can be made out of plastic storage boxes with lids from a Target or Walmart near you. This makes it portable and litter stays as much in the box as possible. We invested in the very expensive, top of the line, $4 locking side container which made our moving it in and out of the car carefree.

Fleece Blankets add a sense of safety and security for cats which is nice while traveling. We cut a big fleece blanket into a small square to cover the pet carrier as a carpet so to speak. We also found that giving a cat a low spot with the fleece where he can lay down works wonders for kitty naps.

Easy grab surface for climbing cats is a good idea if your cat is anything like Stugill. He loved to climb on top of our luggage and by putting a back pack or tote with a grip-able surface, allowed for kitty to grab on to something may he loose his balance.

Cat-friendly harness with a leash is a great idea especially for first time traveling cats who might just want to dart away from a loud truck or motorcycle squeal. Although a little trickier to find, cat harnesses seem to work much better on our little guys than a dog harness. Do not be alarmed when placing the harness on their back creates them seemingly paralyzed. This is only temporary and they will learn to use their legs again as soon as they get hungry.

Food dish glass bowls with lids are very convenient for putting the lid on and stuffing into a bag when it’s time to go. Water from the faucet is not always up to Sturgill’s standards, so we carry a distilled water for our little prince.

Many hotels along the way offer pet friendly stays for a small pet deposit or pet fee. I came across Official Pet Hotels which lists many cities that are not just pet accepting, but pet fun! Traveling with your buddy to destinations that are happy to see them makes for a unique and entertaining trip! Of course camping is always a great pet friendly option as 99% of campgrounds are pet friendly but take a little more getting used to for a kitty.