“The Rambler”

When you buy a home, I can't imagine it's an easy decision. When you're trying to decide what shape, size, make, model, tiny home you want to take on the road with you–it's also not an easy decision. We scoured the internet trying to find what we would need to live and work on the road full-time and decided that to pull behind our business, we would need a home that was attachéd to our truck. Voila truck bed camper! Finding the perfect one was a no go as they range in prices from leaky roofs and no bathroom for $2,000 and top notch "penthouse" campers for $35,000. We hoped to find the perfect one cross country, to give us another excuse for a trip..

After literal months of searching, we finally said "this is it the last few days of searching, if we can't find one by friday we will just have to build one from scratch." What should appear before our eyes, not 15 minutes away from us??? Falling under our budget we drove down the road to finally get our meet in the middle camper, needing a lot of work but for a steal of a price.

So from the very first day we brought it home, we started taking it apart to turn it into exactly what we needed. Along the way we found our roof was leaking and as consequence, our roof was rotten and needed to be completely redone. We treated ourselves to a new memory foam mattress off of Amazon for a whopping $150, and decided we really needed to make this our home so we designed a bigger bathroom incorporating a propane hot water shower tank. We also threw in some fun designs that we dreamed up while in the process.

Making a truck bed camper feel like a tiny home, wasn't really very hard. We pinpointed details like wood grain floor, and updated hardware/stain on cabinets. We put in modern LED light fixtures along with crown molding which we have never seen in a camper before. Our bathroom turned out to be a much needed commodity that we have yet to find in any other camper our size.


Traveling with our Kitty, Sturgill, we knew he could use a few extra details for storing his litter box and having a place to scratch his paws after a long day on the road. Behold the kitty step-notice the crown molding pillars that are Sturgill's favorite part.

The outside did not get near as much attention compared to the interior, but painting it black and polishing the chrome accents were good enough before our first trip in it.

Our table was custom made by James to fit our needs of rotating out for more lounging space, and rotating back in for a tucked away corner table. We reused our original bed as cushions for our L shaped "sofa" to make it comfier on our tushies.

We were graciously given a perfectly sized TV from James' sister that we mounted on a rotating wall mount so we could still have the commodities of watching movies in bed or in the "living room."

Living on the road we realized some things we still want to add so there will be changes to come but overall we LOVE our Tiny Home and love the places it allows us to travel with it.

If you have any questions about our refurb feel free to shoot us an email!

"Home is where you park it"